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Internal color picker

The app just shows system color picker. There is no way to get a color from background, other app, desktop.


It does EXACTLY what it says it does and nothing else. It's great for simply not having to open Photoshop or another big heavy tool to get the simplest hex code for development. Now when I'm working from a PDF mockup, I can quickly reproduce skeleton layouts without the need for a lot of memory-intensive apps for validating the color scheme.

Is not supported by the developer it seems

Both MiniPicker and Hoot go to a page for a private developer and there is no link to either app. Apple … where are you? This should be removed from the app store.

Just want a free color picker

All I want is a free color picker with which I can easily point at a pixel, gets its RGB values, and paste it into my code. To do so with this app I have to launch the app, then click on the color box (what is the point of the initial window? Your hummingbird graphic is nice, I'll give you that, but it serves no function and no matter how small the window is, the window is still causing clutter on my desktop,) then click the magnifying glass, then click the color. If you want the color as something other than hex (I understand that's common for HTML, but I'm coding in C which tends to use values between 0 and 1) you have to click on the slider tab of the color picker, then change over to RGB, then remember the values because that freaking picker window disappears the moment you click over to another application. In the end, it does what I want, but I wish it did it better. I suppose I got what I paid for.

Lightweight and simple

Super simple to use. Launches REALLY quickly and lets you grab a hex code from anything on your screen. Just click on the little color box to the left of the text field and the apple color picker comes up. Then, once a color is selected, this gives you the hex code. Overall: super simple, lightweight, and perfect for finding color values!

Exactly What I Needed!!!!

Plus it was free and you can't get better than that :)

Quickly gave me web colors

I have been guessing at colors for a website redesign, trying hard to match the existing colors. I downloaded this handy app and had my web colors in a matter of seconds.

great app

thank you very much

Works exactly as advertised

I had never used the supposedly better built-in color picker which used to come with Mac OS (based on the other comments), so I cannot comment on any comparision. However, this app does exactly what I wanted, allow me to extract a color from anything else on the screen and get a hex value for it. Quite easily and simply, I feel. So, if that is what you need, you can't beat free.

Works for me, exactly as advertised.

Apple color picker doesn't give you Hex values, but this one does. Does exactly as advertised. Thank you.

it is perfect for me

I need to pick color on screen, for my CSS; this is fast,simple to use,free and better than Color Chooser which cost $4. I am very happy with this

Useless app

Does not pick anything put what I already can find in PixelMator. I thought is would be a good match but is useless for my needs and did pay for it.

Great simple app that works

I just needed a simple app that had a universal eyedropper tool to extract colors from the screen, and this app does exactly that. Several other reviews said that the app can't extract the color. I guess the reviewers just didn't look hard enough. Just click the color box, then click the magnifying glass from the menu that pops up, then click anywhere on the screen to extract the color.

pretty good, useful

This is really helpful for matching colors in my images with borders and backgrounds... Also, it seemed like a couple people could not select the color of an object, just go to the color picker and click the magnifying glass tool and select any color on your screen. Works really well.


Definitely not a subsitute for the pre-Lion Digital Color Meter. Would prefer to just have the hex value back in my DCM. This one was a waste of time.

Just what I needed!

I got tired of needing to open old Windows apps to get the hexidecimal codes for colors when working on css files. This is just what I needed and the price is beautiful too. Thank you!


This app does not show you the value of any background colours or pages, only the values of the Apple Colour picker. That is totally useless. We need an app (like Digital Color Meter that comes with the Mac) that allows you to pick the colour from other pages and apps you have opened. Deleted it immediately. I'd file it under false advertising really. Good thing it's free.


I love this lil app; works great

Exactly what I needed to replace Digital Color Meter

This app plus the hexpicker from wafflesoftware is exactly the substitute I needed to replace Apple's "new" Digital Color Meter. If you've upgraded to Lion and are a web developer, you might have noticed that Apple removed the hex picker from Digital Color meter but you can BUY the "classic" version from the App store for $.99. Basically, Lion now costed you $30 instead of $29. HOWEVER, this little app plus hexpicker costed me nothing and is getting the job done FOR FREE. Thank you so much!


Double clicking on the window with color bar brings up Apple's Color Picker and lets you select from the "Apple", "Crayons", and "Web Safe" Palettes. "Developer" Palette does not seem to be supported. Respective hex codes will appear and change as you click each individual color or drag through the Color Wheel or Spectrum. Excellent tool for creating a palette for websites especially if you code. It does not show the color of an "object" as advertised. It just accesses the "Color" tool, but it is free. Sometimes the app will do nothing. Quiting and relaunching with persistent double clicking the color window seemed to have helped. There is no "Help" or tutorial. There is no eyedropper tool like in Photoshop to select from the Desktop or from your web browser. You probably could open other palettes via Apple's Color app and the displayed hex code in MiniPicker can be copied and pasted, but not the actual colors themselves. If you do screen grabs, you could create a chart by ganging up all these screen shots and making a grouped screen shot. This, you can not do with Photoshop.

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